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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Wallpaper Packages

While we continue the countdown to the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, happening on August 18th, you can still fill your screen with beautiful images from within the game with these wallpaper downloads directly from Microsoft’s press kit.

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#WindowsInsider Channel Updates – July 2020

It has been nearly a month since the new Windows Insider Channels for the development of Windows 10 have gone live. We check in on the progress in each channel to see how things are going with the new alignment.

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Halo Infinite Wallpaper Packages

Gaming excitement for the upcoming Xbox Series X console, due later this year, and the newest addition to the Halo franchise means new wallpapers for fans. We packaged up all the new wallpapers into two collections to make them easy to download and use on your own systems.

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Windows 10 Is Running Great!

In a world with more than one billion devices running some version of Windows 10, there are going to be problems and successes for different end users. This is just reality and something that should be understood for perspective. Here is my opnion.

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