Tuesday - July 9th, 2024

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The Faith, Tech, and Space PODCAST

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 20)

This is just our second episode of the year - yes you read that right - just our second show this year. I will explain that and then catch everyone up on my journey of formation and discernment for the Permanent Diaconate in the Catholic Church. Following that we will talk extensively about Windows 11 and the first Windows Insider Preview release and then cover some highlights on the new space race that has recently pulled in the headlines.

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One Year at Microsoft

This past week I hit my one-year mark working for Microsoft. As with any new job, you never know what the future holds as you get started. It was an exciting time for Margo and I because I had just landed my dream job to work for a company I had long hoped to work for.

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My Journey at Microsoft: The First Three Months

On the 25th of January, I hit my three-month anniversary at Microsoft. To say it has been a whirlwind would be an understatement. In one sense it seems just like yesterday that I joined at the end of October last year yet, on the other hand, it seems like I have been here much longer because it has been an absolute blast getting up and starting work each day.

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Farewell Microsoft MVP Program #MVPBuzz

One of the things I must do as I join Microsoft is retire my status in the Windows & Devices for IT and Windows Insider MVP award programs. It is certainly a bittersweet part of this process but a necessary step. It is something that has made a huge impact in my life though and that remains forever.

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The Journey to Microsoft: Application to Hiring

The adventure of joining Microsoft begins with applying for a position and then getting that email that confirms you have been hired. That took about six weeks in my case and this is what that process was like from my perspective.

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