Welcome to Episode 12 of the Faith, Tech, and Space PODCAST.

Busy show today with a lot of news to catch up on from the last five weeks across all three focus areas of the show! I open with my take on Windows 10 running great and the bargain that is Game Pass which everyone should check out.

I catch you up on my local and online formation including the scheduling of some events including about a five week break from classes. Under tech we catch up on Windows Insider builds across the Dev, Beta, and Release Preview channels plus get you some information about the new channels and how they work. Next up in tech is the latest status of all the Edge Insider channels and the latest which continue to be very busy.

Other tech news includes Slack’s charges against Microsoft for anti-trust practices, weird takes on the roll out of new Microsoft Edge upgrade, and the strange TikTok & Microsoft rumors.

There is also Apple, gaming, and Work From Home headlines to share.

Space has been busy and so we share a bunch of historical and active headlines from NASA, SpaceX, Boeing, and a couple of new comers to the space business.

Of course, this is just a snapshot of what we cover in this episode so be sure to listen from start to finish.

Thanks for tuning in and giving a listen to Faith, Tech, and Space as we continue this unique journey.


Time Marks:

  • Open/Intro – Start to 7:08
  • Faith – 7:08 to 15:30
  • Tech – 15:30 to 42:47
  • Space – 42:47 to 50:47
  • Close – 50:47 to End

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Date Published: 02 August 2020

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