Welcome to Episode 16 of the Faith, Tech, and Space PODCAST.

Wrapping up the Labor Day holiday here in the U.S. with our latest show and plenty of things to discuss in all three focus areas of the podcast. I open discussing the massive success Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is enjoying just a couple of weeks after its launch on Windows 10 and my own hands on with Surface Duo and the two items that really surprised me.

In the faith area, I share news about our online Fundamental Theology class now that we have a full syllabus to give us an idea of how the 12 weeks of class will go. Plus, I share about the recently released Fatima movie and an excellent editorial about being less disagreeable when we disagree.

Under tech we catch up on the latest builds for Windows and Edge Insiders, some Windows 10 annoyances and how to fix them, deprecated features in Windows 10, Project Moca and Transcribe hands on articles I wrote recently for IT Pro Today. Edge is also testing a new Web Capture feature in the Canary Channel, plus there is news about the end of Adobe Flash in Edge (legacy and new).

In other tech news, Microsoft retains the huge JEDI contract with the Pentagon after a review but Amazon is not happy about it, Zoom has a huge quarter and we discuss whether than momentum sticks after the pandemic, and Walmart launches their Amazon Prime competitor.

Other tech headlines include new features for Chrome OS, the discontinuation of Samsung Cloud, Movies Anywhere launching a loaner program, and Netflix passing out free access to some of their original movies and shows. Finally, in tech we talk about gaming but there is still no pricing or availability information for the next generation cons0les from Microsoft and Sony.

Space news includes NASA SRB tests in the desert for Artemis, searching for new Flight Directors at NASA, and a twin Mars rover right here on earth. ULA is still looking into the aborted Delta IV Heavy launch, SpaceX makes a couple more launches themselves including a history making one, and Rocket Lab successfully returns to flight.

Thanks for tuning in and giving a listen to Faith, Tech, and Space as we continue this unique journey.


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  • Open/Intro – Start to 7:11
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  • Tech – 12:01 to 34:51
  • Space – 34:51 to 41:01
  • Close – 41:01 to End

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Date Published: 07 September 2020

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