I over the moon excited about joining Microsoft tomorrow and nothing will change that however, beginning to work for Microsoft means I must retire from the ranks of Microsoft MVPs.

It was back in 2010 when I found that first MVP Award email in my inbox. Back in those days, there was no requirement to notify a potential candidate about their nomination so getting that email was a complete surprise and honor.

Initially I was awarded in the Windows (Consumer) category and over the ensuing twelve years that transitioned to awards in the Windows & Devices for IT category.

Back in 2016, the then two-year-old Windows Insider Program, decided to establish their own MVP award and I was blessed to be selected as a member of that inaugural group.

It has been a pleasure to be part of both these programs.

The folks who run the MVP award program, often quietly behind the scenes, do so much work for the members of the various MVP communities. From planning regular online monthly product group events, in person events when we have them such as the for the annual MVP Summit or regional gatherings – they just do so much unsung work for all of us.

A simple thank you is simply not enough nor can it do justice for the effort and work they put into the program.

I have also made friendships with folks I have met through this program that will be friendships for life.

Thanks to you all!

As I retire my status as a Microsoft MVP tomorrow and become a Microsoft employee, I will still be reconnecting with the program to start this next phase.

Plus, as the Community Manager for Microsoft Q&A, I suspect the MVPs have not seen the last of me anytime soon!