Welcome to Episode 11 of the Faith, Tech, and Space PODCAST.

It has been just two weeks since our last show, but still a long list of news across the spectrum to discuss including changes to the Windows Insider Program, some unexpected changes in Windows 10 (Version 2004), and the latest with the testing and roll out of the new Microsoft Edge web browser.

Of course, we start off with the biggest news of this last week, the end of physical Microsoft Stores. To say it was a surprise bit of news to finish the week would be an understatement. I do reminisce a bit about our local store and the adventure of watching and writing about the clues around its arrival.

From the faith side of the show, we catch up on local and online class activity plus share about the Ten Commandments of Catholic Twitter and a young man named Carlos Acutis who is about the be beatified in the Catholic Church.

On the tech front, we cover updates around Windows and Edge Insider programs, updates to Skype, enhancements to the new Microsoft Editor, and a new Windows File Recovery app that has been released. We also cover the latest from Apple, Google, new releases for Linux Mint, and my recent excursion into the world of Raspberry Pi, Pi-Hole, and AdGuard Home. There is also some gaming news including the sad update that the Mixer streaming service is shutting down by the end of July.

In space related news there is a new company planning for orbital rocket launches, a SpaceX Starlink beta program, SpaceX launch delays, and Boeing’s shuffle for leaders of its various space related projects.

Finally, I close out with a note about something called Doomscrolling and why you should avoid it.

So thanks for tuning in and giving a listen to Faith, Tech, and Space as we continue this unique journey.


Time Marks:

  • Open/Intro – Start to 5:05
  • Faith – 5:05 to 17:14
  • Tech – 17:14 to 46:35
  • Space – 46:35 to 51:08
  • Close – 51:08 to End

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Date Published: 28 June 2020

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