The busy update cycle for the official Windows 10 Twitter app continued over the weekend with the discovery by several sites that Twitter is now integrated into the Windows 10 Timeline display on systems running the April 2018 Update.

Recently, thanks to server side updates of the Twitter PWA, the official app on Windows 10 has seen the addition of video uploads, user information cards when hovering over avatars/@ handles, an accessibility feature to add text descriptions to media included in composed tweets and the ability to create a threaded series of tweets at one time.

The latest feature added now shows any Twitter Moments you have browsed when using the Windows 10 Twitter PWA app.

Twitter Moment in Windows 10 Timeline
A Twitter Moment in the Windows 10 Timeline

Interestingly enough, when you click on this entry in your Windows 10 Timeline, it opens up the Twitter Moment in your default web browser instead of in the official Windows 10 Twitter app.

Despite that strangeness, this seems like a good implementation for integrating content from the Twitter app to your Timeline. You certainly would not want every tweet you view to be in here but Moments are unique snapshots of content on a single subject which makes it a perfect item to plug into the Windows 10 Timeline.