So far over the last couple of weeks the Windows 10 Twitter PWA app has picked up the ability to add descriptions to images for improved accessibility and to compose multiple tweets at one time. Both of these new capabilities were added to the Windows 10 Twitter PWA app through server side updates by Twitter rather than needing to update the native app framework that is in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10.

It is continued proof of the value of PWAs for services because updates are performed once and then become available to all users no matter what platform they are using. In the past, it would take weeks or months for these types of features to make their way to the official Windows 10 Twitter app.

Well that is no longer the case thanks to PWAs.

In fact, in the last 24 hours or so, two more features have been shipped by Twitter through its PWA and they are already available for those using the Windows 10 Twitter PWA app.

The first one is user profile cards. When you hover your mouse over a user’s avatar or their @name in a tweet, a small info card will appear and you can interact with it.

Twitter User Card
User Card in Windows 10 Twitter PWA App

As you can see above, you can see the users bio, following/follower numbers and choose to follow them without ever leaving your Twitter Timeline.

The second recent addition to the Twitter PWA app on Windows 10 is the ability to upload videos in the app which I discovered via @OnMSFT on Twitter today.

Previously you could only add images as you composed tweets but now it is just as easy to add a video to a tweet. Currently you can not edit the video in any way inside the Windows 10 Twitter PWA app so be sure you take care of that outside the app first before using the video in a tweet.

So this is now four new capabilities added to the Windows 10 Twitter PWA app in a little more than a week. It really does highlight the benefits of PWAs in general and especially for Windows 10 users who used to wait a long time for these simple features to be added to the native app in the Microsoft Store.

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