It has been a while since the official Twitter app on Windows 10 has picked up any new features beyond some minor tweaks of the UI or app performance.

This morning while I was replying to various overnight tweets I noticed that the official app has now picked up the ability to compose Tweet Threads. These are also sometimes referred to as Tweet Storms and basically give you the ability to respond in a sequence of tweets.

They all get composed at once and when they are sent, the series of tweets are properly threaded. This allows readers to pick up the entire thread no matter which tweet they happen to notice in your Twitter Timeline.

Twitter PWA App on Windows 10

When you begin to compose a tweet with this updated UI you will notice this plus sign in the lower right corner of the composition window. When you need to expand beyond the single 280 character tweet just click that button to add another tweet composition box. If you need to go back to a previously composed tweet in this sequence just click back in its own composition box.

Keep adding extra composition boxes until you have fully expressed your thoughts. Then just click the Tweet all button in the top right of the compose dialog to send all of the tweets out. They will be in the order you composed them and accessible as a full thread.

Twitter PWA on Windows 10

Your threaded tweets will appear in the Twitter Timeline as shown above. By clicking on the Show this thread text under anyone of those tweets you will open up the entire thread.

Twitter PWA on Windows 10

Now anyone reading this tread will see it in full context. If you decide another tweet is necessary for the thread just click the Add another Tweet text to compose an additional tweet. The plus symbol will be available as shown above just in case you need to add more than one tweet to the thread.

Previous to this feature, it was challenging to thread tweets together because they needed to be a series of replies to stay together. This now takes the guesswork out of the process.

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