In an effort to better inform users about the latest features and enhancements delivered to Windows 10 through a feature update, Microsoft is testing a new out of box experience (OOBE) in the latest Windows Insider Developer Channel build release.

Introduced this week in Build 20190, the notices will appear on the desktop after first log in following the installation of any feature update.

As you can see in the gallery below, they will use these notices to bring the users attention to the highlights in a feature update and link you to more about those features either on the web or in the Windows 10 Tips app.

If a user is in a rush and just wants to get into the Windows 10 desktop after a new feature update is installed, these highlights can be viewed in the Windows 10 Tips app.

Users will also notice that the infamous Edge new build page, aka Welcome back, has been replaced with this new OOBE as part of the enhancement.

Microsoft Edge Welcome Back Update Screen
Microsoft Edge Welcome Back Screen

Right now, as pointed out by fellow Windows Insider MVP Barb Bowman on social media, it does not appear the on-demand side has been added to the Tips app yet as of Build 20190. I suspect that will follow in a subsequent build or maybe closer to the end of this updates development cycle.

By the way, while we are here can we talk about the Windows 10 Tips app?

It has been around since the early days of Windows 10 and has grown quite robust over the years.

As of this latest build in the Windows Insiders Developer Channel, it now lists 21 categories on its main page. Across those there are nearly 200 individual tips.

  • What’s new (17)
  • Work remotely (7)
  • Learn remotely (6)
  • Pick a good workspace (5)
  • Keep your data secure (7)
  • Keep in touch (4)
  • Tips for Teams (13)
  • Do more with Cortana (12)
  • Tip for your Surface (12)
  • Get started with Windows 10 (10)
  • Personalize your PC (15)
  • Tips for Word (9)
  • Tips for Excel (8)
  • Tips for PowerPoint (9)
  • Tips for Outlook and Mail (9)
  • Create more with templates (5)
  • Get organized (11)
  • Personalize the web (14)
  • Protect your PC (12)
  • Windows keyboard shortcuts (9)
  • Connect with Windows Community (1)

You will notice that Microsoft can also adapt the content in the Windows 10 Tips app. Just look at the Work From Home/Remote tip categories leading off the list.

Yes – there is even a Light Mode/Dark Mode toggle in the apps settings!

Windows 10 Updated OOBE Screenshots

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