It has been 17 months since Microsoft announced their plans to build a new version of their Edge browser based on Chromium. Since then three separate testing channels have been established (Canary, Developer, and Beta) and the Stable channel has also made its debut. All of these channels have seen multiple test builds hit distribution to test new features and enhancements.

The recent release of the Windows 10 May 2020 Update, aka Version 2004), is the prompt for Microsoft to also begin the formal roll out of the new Edge browser to Windows 10 users in order to replace legacy Edge which is part of the flagship operating system.

Confirmation of the roll out plans came via a series of knowledge base articles released this week.

The new Microsoft Edge is available for Windows 10, version 1803 and 1809

This articles notes that new Edge for 1803 and 1809 will be delivered via Windows Update without any action by the user. There are recommended  and optional updates for each version to insure the best upgrade experience to the new Edge.

The new Microsoft Edge is available for Windows 10, version 1903 and 1909

Take everything I wrote above about Version 1803 and 1809 and apply it to Version 1903 and 1909 with one exception – new Edge will have to be downloaded manually instead of via Windows Update.

I tested this last scenario on a couple of devices running Windows 10 (Version 1909) and what happens is that when you open legacy Edge, a tab will be loaded offering the new Edge for download. Thus will make it easy to start the manual installation of new Edge.

New Edge Rollout on Windows 10 (Version 1909)

New Edge Download on Windows 10 (Version 1909)

From here you just download the installer for new Edge and follow the steps to get your data from legacy Edge migrated. This will replace legacy Edge across your system.

Shortly after both of the above knowledge base articles were released this week, a third article was published that combined the details for all four versions of Windows 10 (Version 1803, 1809, 1903, and 1909). The only different in this new article is that all four of these versions of Windows 10 will obtain the new Edge via Windows Update despite what the earlier article had indicated for Version 1903 and 1909.

Either way, the new Edge web browser is now fully heading to all supported versions of Windows 10 over the next weeks and months. While there is still work to be done including History and Tab sync, it is ready for primetime and a spot on your system.