Today the official Twitter app for Windows 10 received its most requested feature – Night Mode.

It has just been two months since Twitter began an open beta for their Twitter Progressive Web App on Windows 10 Redstone 4. That closed beta was just for Windows Insiders running pre-release builds of Windows 10 Redstone 4 at the time.

When the Redstone 4 feature update, officially called the April 2018 Update, began rolling out to all Windows 10 users on 10 April, the closed beta wrapped up. The new app was available to all Windows 10 users at that point, including those on Windows 10 Mobile.

In the two months since that initial open beta began, the official Twitter app from the Microsoft Store has been growing in features at a remarkable pace. It easily surpassed the capabilities of the old UWP version of the app at its initial release on 23 March.

Since then the new additions have been made very quickly to the app. Here is a rundown of just the enhancements which I have written about here at

Of course, these are the in your face updates that are very apparent in the user interface of the app. I have no doubt improvements were also made to the underlying code to deliver better performance.

Well today, via the official Twitter account, a new set of enhancements were announced across the Twitter PWA which includes, Twitter Lite, and the Twitter for Windows PWA app.

The true beauty of Progressive Web Apps is being showcased right here with these updates. Since the features are added on the server side, there is no need for an app update from the Microsoft Store of the official app. Instead they are available almost immediately across all of the Twitter PWA platforms I mentioned earlier.

A couple of notes about Night Mode and the Windows 10 Twitter PWA app.

  • The app recognizes your system setting to use a Light or Dark Mode and automatically adjusts the app accordingly. However, you can go into the app and switch it off/on to your own personal preference if it doe snot match your overall system wide setting.
  • Currently the real time updates are not available on the Windows 10 Twitter PWA app because Edge does not support the format being used to push those live updates to the client. I did see a dialog startup between a member of the Twitter PWA team and someone from the Microsoft Edge team so it is being discussed between the two parties.

Twitter is really making its PWA app for Windows 10 a showcase for how to do apps that access and take advantage of native capabilities within the Windows 10 operating system.

Still on my wish list are inline translations, Live Tiles, and copying image files into the clipboard and then pasting them into a tweet.

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