This past week Amazon made available a new tool called Alexa Blueprints. This web based site enables you to create your own skills for Alexa without any coding skills.

If you can follow a wizard based interface and straight forward instructions then you can build your own unique skills for Alexa.

First you must have an Amazon account to use the Alexa Blueprints website. If you shop at Amazon then you have what you need. Otherwise, it is easy enough to create an account.

Now, even if you do not own an Alexa enabled device, you can still build skills from these blueprints. Then you can access then through the Alexa app on Android and iOS devices. In the not too distant future, Alexa will also become available as an app for Windows 10 devices. Then you will be able to easily interact with Alexa on those machines.

To get started head to and log in with your Amazon account.

Note: The skills created using Alexa Blueprints are only accessible on Alexa enabled devices associated with your Amazon account. 

According to Amazon it only takes three key steps to build your skill using Alexa Blueprint. Although I have 12 screenshots below as part of my walkthrough, it does boil down to the three key elements:

  1. Pick a blueprint
  2. Fill in the blanks
  3. Use your skill

Alexa Blueprints Screenshots/Walkthrough

OK – you are now ready to enjoy your personalized skill or build even more.