The folks at Twitter continue their work on advancing the capabilities of their freshly minted official app on Windows 10.

In the latest additions to the app that were made public late yesterday, Twitter has added pinned user tiles and a new slimmed down snapped mode for the app.

After a little more than three weeks, they have taken the Twitter PWA app and added new OS level options which I have written about here on the site:

In addition to these, numerous server side updates have been made to continue to enhance the Twitter PWA app. These updates have made it more reliable and functional on Windows 10. In fact, with only three app specific updates pushed through the Microsoft Store, the majority of these new features and capabilities have been added from the server side. That ability is one of the big plusses around Progressive Web Apps like the Twitter PWA app.

As for the latest new features that arrived yesterday, at least one of them is a precursor to a much requested feature. The ability to pin a user to your Start Screen as a Live Tile is the first step in delivering full Live Tile functionality such as tweet counts, latest tweets, etc. So this is terrific progress.

In addition to the pinned user tiles, the sizing of the Twitter PWA app has been modified when it is snapped to one side of your desktop. By default, an app which is snapped takes up half of your screen in Windows 10. However, as with any other app, you can grab the edge of the Twitter PWA app and resize it.

Most users end up making apps smaller against one of the edges of their desktop screen. Previous to this update, the Twitter PWA app would only slim down to a certain point and then stop. This view showed no open space at the sides but if you resized it larger that white space would return. As you will see in the image gallery below, the Twitter PWA can now be resized from a quite thin option to a wider one without this white space being displayed. This now gives users options on a wide variety of screen sizes to have a very clean look with the app snapped.

Both the pinned user tiles and new sizing options as a snapped app are quite fresh. One feature that has been available for a while apparently is ability to drag and drop image files into a tweet. I had tried this myself but it never seemed to work. Turns out you must be precise when dropping the image into Twitter. It needs to drop at the end of the existing text in the compose box.

By the way, there is a work around for pasting image files into the Twitter PWA. When viewing image files in the Photos App just right-click and copy the image as it is displayed. Then you can paste it into a tweet compose box. A handy work around for sharing those image based files to Twitter.

This work on Twitter’s PWA is truly a showcase for what is possible for a Progressive Web Application.

Planning to attend BUILD next month in Seattle? Then you should consider attending Twitter’s session where they will discuss their approach to the Twitter PWA app.

See you there!

Twitter PWA Pinned User Tiles and Snapped App Sizing Image Gallery