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Monday - June 17th, 2024

Sony’s Makes it Quiet Once Again with WH-1000XM3 Headphones

Which came first? Airline travel or noise cancelling headphones? Actually, this is an easy answer – it was air travel. That is because the tech behind noise cancelling headphones wasn’t invented yet when people began moving across the country and globe in airplanes. However, the invention of noise cancelling headphones significantly impacted those of us who travel in airplanes. Thanks to this tech we can now eliminate the noises around us in an airplane to be able to focus on whatever is on our phones, music player or computer.

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A Classic Returns – Microsoft Classic Intellimouse

This past week Microsoft rekindled geek nostalgia when they shared details about the modern upgrade to one of their most popular and classic computing accessories – the Microsoft Classic Intellimouse. Initially released in 1996, the last update to this line of Microsoft mice was in 2003. The 2017 update does not disappoint in returning most of the iconic mouses favorite elements to users.

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