It is starting to feel like is becoming but I promise you that is not the case. However, documenting the progress that is happening on the Twitter PWA app has been quite fascinating.

The Twitter PWA app first replaced its now archaic Universal Windows Platform (UWP) counterpart back on 23 March.

Since then the Twitter PWA app has gained app and server side updates from the social media company.

Included among those features is the app now being a system wide share target, your mentions are now separated into All and Mentions tabs, and pasting of images from the clipboard to the tweet compose box. I have probably missed a few along the way.

JumpLists in Twitter PWA App

The latest addition to the official Twitter app is a familiar UWP feature – JumpLists. In other areas of Windows 10 we call this a Context Menu. These appear when you Right-Click on various icons around the system.

JumpLists help us quickly access content or capabilities relating to that app. This update to the Twitter PWA has shortcuts for:

  • New Tweet
  • Explore
  • Notifications
  • Direct Messages

I said it before and will continue saying it – the pace of Twitter’s iteration on this app is shocking. After so many months of no updates to its UWP app – this is refreshing and exciting. It is a lot of fun watching this happen as well.

It gives me a lot of hope for how well Progressive Web Apps can be integrated into the Windows 10 operating system.

Now on my short list for updates to this app:

  • Dark Mode
  • Live Tile (Chaseable)
  • Pasting copied image files into a tweet compose box

By the way, if you are a developer working on a PWA, did you know Microsoft will try to auto-discover it through web crawls but you can also submit it directly for inclusion in the Microsoft Store. They already catalogued the initial batch of PWA’s in the last couple of weeks.

Microsoft’s addition of this to the upcoming Redstone 4 feature update is really going to have an impact for devs too. Are you ready?

Twitter PWA App Screenshots