Well shut down your web browsers and put away your DVD burners – the Windows 7 Beta 1 download that has been available from Microsoft since mid-January is now shut down – in a sense anyway.

According to Brandon Leblanc at the Windows Blog:

  • Feb 10th – 12AM Pacific Time (3AM Eastern Standard Time) no new downloads can be started.
  • Feb 12th – 9AM Pacific Time (12PM Eastern Standard Time) all downloads will be turned off whether your done or not.
  • You will still be able to register for beta keys after February 12th.

I wonder if they will share how many times Windows 7 Beat 1 has been downloaded?  Originally they were going to allow 2.5 million downloads and then they had a pretty rough weekend when it started and the servers could not keep up with the demand.  That resulted in them opening up the flood gates until 24 Jan and ultimately extending that to 10 Feb as described above.

I know I have been following a Twitter search since this all started for “windows 7” and the response there has been huge.

Some of the posts I have done over the last 6 weeks or so about Windows 7 and its use, new features, etc:

I would really like to hear from you on your own experiences with Windows 7 – what works for you and what doesn’t?  I look forward to your comments.