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PearC Starts Selling Mac Clones in Germany
PC Magazine – USA
PearC actually offers to install either Apple OS X or Windows Vista Home Premium as the base operating system; Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista
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Change the Dates in Your Photos – Southborough,MA,USA
All you need is Windows Photo Gallery. It comes with Windows Vista, or you can download a free version, called Windows Live Photo Gallery, for Windows XP.
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Microsoft: “Sayonara Vista…Hello 7!”
Popular Science – New York,NY,USA
By Tom Conlon Posted 02.09.2009 at 1:11 pm 0 Comments Is Microsoft finally admitting that Windows Vista is a lost cause? Well, that’s certainly not the
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Cameras and SDK enable compatibility with DirectX
Vision Systems Design – Nashua,NH,USA
FEBRUARY 9, 2009–All FireWire and USB cameras manufactured by The Imaging Source now ship with software for Windows Vista 64 bit, which enables hardware
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Windows Shopping, Part 2: Getting Acquainted
TechNewsWorld – Sherman Oaks,CA,USA
By Jack M. Germain Windows 7 gives Microsoft a chance to rework some of the mistakes it made with Windows Vista. In fact, the beta edition of the new
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35 tips and tricks to speed up your Vista PC
TechRadar UK – London,UK
System Restore enables you to roll back Windows Vista to an earlier point in time without affecting your files. You can run it from within Windows Vista or
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Windows 7 beta – is Vista already dead?
Independent – London,England,UK
Vista’s Windows Sidebar gadgets are present and accounted for, but are no longer bolted onto a sidebar ghetto at the side of the screen.
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The Guy Who F’d Up Windows Vista Is Putting Out a Solo Album
Gizmodo – USA
at TechFlash unearthed a guitar-drenched musical extravaganza by Jim Allchin, the former Windows chief who many think mismanaged Vista into the ground.
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Vista vs. XP » Zach Mitchell (DigitalMan)
By Zach
Countless people have downgraded from Microsoft’s Windows Vista to Windows XP. Why are people doing this? The reason is simple. As many people have said in the past in blog posts, forums, and even on TV, Windows Vista is a heavy
Zach Mitchell (DigitalMan) –

Recover Outlook Express Password – Microsoft Windows Vista
By Secured
Outlook password recovery software uncover email and newsgroup account password More…
Microsoft Windows Vista Community… –