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Friday - May 27th, 2022

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 302 #OTP

This week was very busy for Windows Insiders as three different builds were released for testers. Two of the builds came from the Fast Ring for Windows 10 (19H1) and the other one was from the new Skip Ahead Ring for Windows 10 (20H1). We talk about those releases, what the name Santorini might be for Windows, the April 2019 Update for Xbox One, hosts of new games for Xbox Game Pass, and all kinds of other tidbits. Stay tuned in from start to finish so you catch everything!

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 171 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 171-10 of Observed Tech. This show has a special designation just for the release of Windows 10 on 29 July 2015. Of course this entire episode is about the new operating system and is full of tips, tricks and the secret sauce to making sure you properly upgrade your Windows 7 or 8.1 system to Windows 10 to retain its activation for the life of the device. So tune in, take a deep breath after the madness of these first few days after the release of Windows 10 and start settling into the existence of the latest OS from Microsoft. It has finally arrived after a 10 month trip to get here. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 154 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 154 – the first episode of the new year! As we begin 2015 there are some very exciting events to kick off the new year. It all starts with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and although Microsoft does not have a keynote anymore there was plenty of hardware OEM’s showing off their new devices featuring Windows 8.1. The spanned from inexpensive to high end and should encourage PC users that the days of solid performance and hardware for PC’s is far from over. There was also a blatant knock off of the Microsoft Surface hardware line from a group of ex-Googlers and this Remix Ultra Tablet not only looked like Surface but their marketing nearly duplicated the selling points of Surface itself. Of course, in about 10 days we have the big consumer related reveal for the Windows 10 Technical Preview and based on some leaks and other indications this should be a pretty big day in the development of Windows 10. We also have other fun and interesting tidbits to share with you including my continuing experience with Microsoft Band. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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