Seemingly out of the blue, a company based in the United Kingdom named @EmperionUK, tweeted two days ago that a new device called the Nebulus had joined the Windows 10 ARM future.

As you might imagine, that set the world of Windows enthusiasts buzzing and began an entire discussion about the device, the site, and its potential.

I joined in the conversation on Twitter with a series of tweets about what I was seeing on the product web page. You can find them and the screenshots I took in this Twitter Moment called Nebulus Windows 10 Pro on ARM Device.

To be honest, it looked questionable for a couple of different reasons.

First, it appeared to be collecting information for pre-orders even though the site had a disclaimer at the bottom of the product pages indicating the store was in setup and testing and that no orders would be fulfilled. However, a fully functioning shopping cart and active order forms were on the site with an option to provide PayPal financial information.

Combine that with the strange product image that used what looked like a photoshopped image showing a Windows 10X Taskbar with the Live Tiles of Windows 10 Mobile – a combination that does not exist in real life – and the phishy senses start to ring bells.

Well I posted my final comment about that site yesterday and this morning found the product page replaced by this message:

Emperion Nebulus Product Page - Coming Soon

Shortly after I saw this and shared the image on Twitter, I received a Direct Message request from a representative of Emperion asking to talk about the website and product page for Nebulus.

According to the company, they did not intend for the product pages and order forms to go live for the Nebulus. The representative indicated this was an internal error and was only discovered after the buzz from tweets from myself and others had started popping up on Twitter and other Windows enthusiast websites.

The representative indicated that any data collected was not covered under GDPR because the site was not live. They added that they have been dealing with an understanding Information Commissioners Office (ICO) in the aftermath and have issued a GDPR apology.

When I asked about seeing that apology they indicated it is not publicly available at the moment.

I did ask just how many people had submitted information via their pre-order form but they told me sharing that information would be against GDPR rules. When asked if all of the data collected from the product page pre-order form had been deleted from their systems, Emperion told me that all of the data collected has been purged from their systems.

With all that said, I did ask the company if they were really planning to build a Windows 10 Pro ARM based device and they said that was indeed their intent.

“Yes, it is Windows 10 on ARM, it was initially designed to be x86 using an Intel based SoC but due to partner supply issues and cost effectiveness, we were forced to change course.”

Although under NDA with some of their partners in building the Nebulus, which will apparently have the ability to run Android apps alongside of Windows 10 Pro running on ARM, they did share information about two of the companies they are partnered with on this project:

  • Amzetta – A spin off of American Megatrends who assisted with starting the Android app integration process.
  • Wingtech – a Chinese company who has been¬†integral to this date.

I suspect Wingtech is likely related to manufacturing the devices but that has not been confirmed by Emperion.

Unfortunately, after all of this, there are not many other details about Nebulus coming from Emperion so the future will just have to wait for a little while longer.

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