Welcome to Episode 6 of the Faith, Tech, and Space PODCAST.

Following the now familiar format, I kick of this episode talking about the latest in my faith formation including updates for online and local classes plus share a little about a local shrine here in Northeast Florida and some insight on the Season of Lent.

In the tech segment, we catch up with the latest for #WindowsInsiders and #EdgeInsiders as we review the latest builds and development progress for the next feature update for Windows 10 and Microsoft chromium based browser. Both continue a steady state of progress including a steady focus on stability and servicing for Windows 10 (Version 2004) which is being developed under the codename 20H1.

There are also headlines in the tech area about the impact of the coronavirus plus news about Office, Android, Windows 10X, mobile app security, Apple iPhones not being for the bad guys in films, and Halo: Combat Evolved for PC.

Finally, as we always do, the wrap up is all about space. I share details about my quick trip down to Cape Canaveral to watch the latest SpaceX Falcon 9 launch of cargo Dragon to the International Space Station this past weekend and then discuss other news from NASA, Boeing, and Blue Origin. Once again – some really good news in spots and not so good news in one specific area.

So thanks for tuning in and giving a listen to Faith, Tech, and Space as we continue this unique journey.


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Date Published: 09 March 2020

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