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Last month, a bug with Apple’s FaceTime communications software on its iOS platform was discovered that would allow callers to listen in or see your video even if you declined the call.

That bug, discovered by an Arizona teenager, was largely ignored by Apple despite the mother’s attempts to let the company know about the vulnerability. About a week after its initial discovery, Apple disabled the FaceTime protocols on the server side and recommended that users disable FaceTime until a fix was ready for the client side.

The acknowledgement of the bug only occurred after news of it went viral on social media despite a week long attempt by this Arizona teenager and his mother to let the company know.

Well that fix has finally been released for the client side for iPhone and iPad users with the availability of iOS Version 12.1.4.

Once installed, just reactivate your FaceTime service on these devices and it will work properly once again.

I was also glad to hear that Apple has decided to pay the teen for his discovery and efforts to notify the company about the bug. No word on what they will specifically pay him, but I did read that they may contribute towards his college education.

While that is great, the Apple Bug Bounty Program pays upwards of $200,000 for verified bugs and vulnerabilities so I do hope the young man gets a decent share of that amount considering how serious this bug was for users.

Oh by the way, during their work on this FaceTime bug, Apple also discovered a bug with Live Photos which is also addressed in this latest fix.

Sounds like they should give this young man credit under the Two For One approach!

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