Microsoft and Amazon expanded their growing partnership this week with the addition of Skype Calling to Alexa enabled devices.

This is another step in what is steadily becoming routine availability of Microsoft services on Amazon’s ecosystem of Alexa enabled devices. Previously we have seen the Xbox Skill for Alexa become available that enables control of your gaming console through commands like Alexa, Turn the Xbox On plus the release of the Alexa App for Windows 10 PCs. This is in addition to the previous capability to access calendar and email from your Microsoft and Office 365 accounts.

The addition of Skype calling on Alexa devices was formally announced last week by Microsoft and the service works with both voice based devices like the Amazon Echo Dot and the video enabled Amazon Echo Show. Currently this integration is available in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Canada, India, Australia, and New Zealand with expansion to other countries expected soon according to Microsoft.

You will also get 200 minutes of Skype to Phone calling to 34 different countries when you link your Skype account to Alexa.

The setup process is very easy and requires just three steps:

  1. Open the Alexa App. If you do not yet have it installed you can download it from the Google Play Store for Android or the Apple App Store for iOS.
  2. Go to Settings > Communications > Skype
  3. Follow the steps to sign into your Microsoft Account to enable access to your Skype account via any of your Alexa devices.

Once your Skype account is linked to Alexa, all you need to do is start using voice commands such as:

  • Alexa, Skype Mom
  • Alexa, call Mom on Skype
  • Alexa, pick up
  • Alexa, call Dad’s mobile on Skype
  • Alexa, call 206-555-0155 on Skype

Linking Skype with Amazon Alexa Screenshot Gallery

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