Like many of you on Android handsets, I have been using Microsoft Launcher as my default launcher for many months however, the experience has been incomplete.

Among the many great features of Microsoft Launcher, we have been missing the integration of tools & services like Sticky Notes and Microsoft To-Do as options for quick and easy access.

This week, with the release of a massive November update for the app to beta testers, those missing keys were finally added to Microsoft Launcher plus we received two new features.

First, Sticky Notes and To-Do both have their own display cards that can be turned on in the launcher and include the ability to add items to both of those services directly from the display in Microsoft Launcher.

Next, Cortana can now be activated with the voice command Hey, Cortana when you have Microsoft Launcher open.

Finally, the biggest unexpected feature for me is the new Screen Time tool. This comes at a time when more companies are providing usage insights to users to help them monitor and place controls on their digital screen time. As you will see in the screenshot gallery below, the new Screen Time feature in the Microsoft Launcher provides a ton of insight on which apps you are using the most and how much time you spend in them and on your device. Right now there are no controls that I have found for warning you when a certian usage level is reached like other companies have with their screen time tracking, but it would not be a long leap to go from what is being used to allowing a user to set a warning limit based on the same data.

By far this update to Microsoft Launcher delivers on integration with the Microsoft ecosystem because now tools and services that we use on other Windows 10 devices is now at our mobile fingertips. 

If you want to try out the latest beta for Microsoft Launcher you can sign up at the Google Play Store to join the testing community and try out the above new features before they are launched publicly.

Microsoft Launcher Screenshot Gallery