One inbox app that was added to the Windows 10 October 2018 Update was the new Sticky Notes 3.0.

This app upgrade from the previous version of Sticky Notes enabled cross device syncing with not only Windows 10 devices but also to iOS and Android devices via the OneNote app that is currently in beta on those platforms.

Not surprisingly, the Sticky Notes team has now launched their own preview program for the latest version of the app. This allows users to gain early access to new features for testing, validation and feedback to the app team.

Getting into the Sticky Notes Preview Program is very easy:

  1. Open Sticky Notes 3.0 and go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Sticky Notes Preview
  3. Toggle Get early access to new features to On
  4. Review and acknowledge the preview program details
  5. Click Join now
  6. Click OK

Now you will get an app update when the Sticky Notes team publishes a preview build of the app. Be sure to provide timely and appropriate feedback about the new features so they can adjust what they are working on. Plus, if you have any suggestions or bug reports be sure to file those in the Feedback Hub on Windows 10.

Sticky Notes Preview Program Screenshots

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