As I am settling back into home after spending the past week in Orlando, Florida for Microsoft Ignite, one of my routines is to power up each of my various Windows 10 devices and check for updates.

One app that was updated across all of them was the Microsoft Store and while I can not confirm this is a change I missed in an earlier update, you can see by the screenshots below that access to your gaming subscriptions appear to be coming to the Microsoft Store.

These new tabs appear when you go to the ellipsis (…) menu in the Store and select Downloads & updates.

You will find a tab for the three game subscription services on Xbox One and Windows 10:

  • Xbox Live Gold
  • Xbox Game Pass
  • EA Access

In the latest pre-release builds of the Xbox One 1810 Update on the console, we have seen similar integration of the game subscriptions added to the interface to make them handy to access. It looks like this is a similar move on the Windows 10 side of the house.

Right now the tabs are not populating with lists of available or installed games but you can see the games app listed plus a spot below that to show the subscriptions contents. I suspect that will be a list of the subscriptions game titles with download/install option plus an indicator to show if the game is already installed.

I think it would also be helpful to list DLC that is available for these subscription based titles to make it easier to obtain that content for the games in those subscriptions. Often that content is discounted through the subscription or the weekly Deals with Gold offerings.

Are you seeing these new tabs yet in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10?

Microsoft Store Gaming Subscription Tabs Screendshots