When Microsoft releases the fifth feature update for Windows 10 a new sharing option will become available. Near Share in Windows 10 Redstone 4 uses Bluetooth capability to make any device accessible as a local share target for files and website links.

This upcoming feature of Windows 10 is part of the operating systems Share Dialog. In fact, that same dialog now sports the Twitter PWA as a target for sharing directly to the new official app.

Near Share feature must be activated on each of your devices to use the feature. It can not be activated remotely in any manner. The settings for this feature in Windows 10 Redstone 4 are located at Windows Settings > System > Shared Experiences. The accounts on your system validate access to other devices. In addition, you select to share just among your devices or with everyone.

You can see my early hands on with this new feature when it was first available in early builds of Redstone 4 last Fall. That article has additional screenshots showing the alerts in the Action Center that facilitate the transfer of files and links.

If your device has Bluetooth then this feature will be immediately available. However, if you are running this update on a desktop computer the likelihood of having Bluetooth is low. My fix – pick up one of these inexpensive Bluetooth USB Adapters and just plug it into your desktop. Instantly the device supports Bluetooth and subsequently the Near Share feature.

These screenshots show the latest look at Near Share settings and Near Share appearance in the Share Dialog.

Near Share Options in Windows Settings