Although the storage space on smart phones has steadily increased over the years, there is always good reason to maintain your phone free of clutter and files that are not necessary.

The other day, someone tracked down an app from Google called Files Go, which was an unreleased file manager for Android devices and now Google has opted to open the app up for a public beta run in the Google Play Store.

I enrolled my Samsung Galaxy S8 into the public beta and downloaded the app earlier today and it has a lot of great features to keep your phone space cleaned up:

  • Recognizes and helps you get rid of spam & duplicate images
  • Helps you find your important photos, videos, and documents faster
  • Makes it easy to share your files offline — quickly and securely
  • Files Go Beta is light on space — under 6MB

Files Go requires at least Android 5.0 but remember this is an early developer build of the app so be sure to have a backup of your phone/data just in case.

Files Go App Screenshots