I get asked a lot of questions on Xbox Live.

Over the years I have readily shared my Gamertag on social media and on gaming related stories I have written so it is no big deal to get questions about that stuff.

Lately I have been asked a lot about how to get into the Xbox Preview Program, the answer is to just download the Xbox Insider Hub and register your console, but the one that was the impetus of this article was very different and unexpected.

As I was doing some achievement hunting this popped up on my console:

As you can see, I simply shared a brief bit about my gaming background and move to console and expected that to be the grand total of the conversation. Well turns out that this individual was curious about my gaming history and we ended up having a conversation that ranged across a few gaming subjects for just over an hour.

The young gamer who asked that question was so surprised that we chatted for that long about gaming that he took to his YouTube channel and posted a short video where he shared that reaction. Although he doesn’t say it in the video, I am pretty confident his surprise stems from the fact that he and an older gamer had enough in common, in this case gaming, to have an hour long chat about the past time.

I was very pleased to be able to expand his understanding that there are generations of gamers and that we all share a common passion and experience. To be honest, when it comes to gaming on Xbox Live, age really isn’t a factor most of the time and that is the beauty of this hobby.

I suspect another reason he might have been surprised that there are generations of gamers is that maybe he has never seen any adults in his own family pick up a controller. If this is the case that is unfortunate as gaming can be a great bonding experience that I know many parents and children have shared.

No matter the background for this young gamers perception – we all may come up to an opportunity to help expand someone’s view of this small part of the world.

My recommendation is to just share your own experience and help others see that gamers are a broad collection of individuals that are defined by passion and not age.