It appears Microsoft has the tools in place to open up a Windows Phone Insider testing program similar to the Windows 10 Technical Preview Insiders program.

Thanks to a tip from one of my followers on Twitter, @waseemtambe, I was pointed towards the Phone Insider App for Windows Phone 8.1.

The app, released on 11 Dec 2014, seems to have recently become visible to everyone in the Windows Phone Store.

Not much is available in it as you need a Microsoft Domain Account to sign in but the apps basics include:

  • a feedback mechanism with phone data such as OS version, IMEI, phone model, firmware version, etc.
  • a sign in page, that currently appears limited to those with Microsoft Domain accounts
  • a welcome page with links for finding a program to enroll in and a troubleshooting link

I imagine this will work very similarly to the current Preview for Developers app/program that we have for Windows Phone at the moment.

Many have wondered if there would be a public program to test new builds of Windows Phone 10, or whatever Microsoft will call it, and it appears this app is a solid indicator that the ability is forthcoming.

Now the question is when.

There is a big reveal coming up on 21 January 2015 at the Microsoft Campus to show off the latest build in the Windows 10 technical Preview program and this announcement is expected to be very consumer centric. We also have heard from various Microsoft VP’s that there will be other news related to Windows 10 as it applies to gaming and other platforms so could we possibly see an announcement relating to a public technical preview program for Windows Phone 10?

Just 11 more days and we will apparently find out quite a bit of info about Windows 10 across the board.

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What do you think? Would you participate in a public technical preview of Windows Phone 10?