Did you know the folks over at the Microsoft TechNet Wiki site curate a listing of official Microsoft Twitter accounts.

The list of accounts included in the list is based on the following criteria:

  • Maintained and managed by Microsoft and represents an official Microsoft product, team, project or initiative
  • A personal account of a widely recognized influential individual who works at Microsoft.
  • “Active”:
    • Does not indicate that it has been retired or replaced by another Twitter Account.
    • Has posted a tweet in the last 365 days. This date range was chosen to ensure that official Microsoft Conference related Twitter Accounts don’t drop off the list by the automated script.

The list currently stands at 215 accounts and will be updated at least monthly or as needed.

The accounts are broken down into several categories:

You never know what kind of information you might see from some of these official accounts but looking the list over it would appear some are missing.

Most obvious for me are those such as Steve Clayton and Ben Rudolph just to name two.