Did Microsoft drop grandfathered 25GB accounts to just 15GB of cloud storage on OneDrive?

A few weeks ago Microsoft announced some major changes in the amount of storage they would be providing to Office 365 subscribers and those using free OneDrive cloud storage accounts. At the same time they also announced significant reductions to those who want to pay for additional cloud storage.

This week those changes in storage have begun to roll out to users with Office 365 subscribers seeing a bump to 1TB of storage per subscriber and all free OneDrive storage accounts being bumped from 7GB to 15GB.

A couple of years ago Microsoft, based on storage statistics for their service, decided to modify the amount of cloud storage free accounts would have down to 7GB. At the time users were offered the chance to be grandfathered and retain 25GB of cloud storage but it required you to go to the storage service and opt in to keeping that level of storage for free.

Of course some did and some did not for a variety of reasons.

Now as the new level of storage is being rolled out to free accounts many of those who were grandfathered at the 25GB level are seeing their main free storage dropped to just 15GB. The 15GB is of course the new free level of storage for OneDrive.


What about those who where grandfathered at the 25GB level of storage a couple of years ago? What happened to that 10GB extra they had until today?

Well it is not gone but just labeled differently.


As your free storage account gets modified to reflect the new level of 15GB that extra 10GB you have had for a couple of years will get shifted into the additional storage list as a loyalty bonus.

I have read reports on Twitter that some users who previously had the grandfathered 25GB and for instance the 3GB Camera Roll bonus are not seeing those on other free accounts they have with OneDrive.

Definitely will be keeping an eye on this as the transition moves forward to see of those things get sorted out.

Did your loyalty bonus get carried over during the transition? Have you noticed any other areas that your previously available bonuses got dropped off?

6 thoughts on “Did Microsoft drop grandfathered 25GB accounts to just 15GB of cloud storage on OneDrive?

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  3. Worked fine for me. I was grandfathered at 25 GB and I have the 3 GB Camera Roll bonus. Today, the 3 GB Camera roll is still listed as a separate item. My “free” data is listed as 15 GB and I have a new Loyalty Bonus of 10 GB.

    I think that they just wanted to clean out their database of the “grandfathering” special case and they did that by giving everyone the same “free” amount and then adding the loyalty bonus for those who were grandfathered. I also suspect that participation in future loyalty programs that offer permanent increases in storage would result in just adding onto the loyalty bonus.

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