It has been way too long since I posted any new Windows themes featuring either my images or those from others.

Well it is time for that to change and so I have lined up for you a week’s worth of desktop themes for your favorite computing devices.

All of this week’s packages will exclusively feature my own photography.

I will be including a Windows 8 DeskThemepack of each one that will work on all of the current version of Windows 8 (8.1 and 8.1 Update) plus I will include a background wallpaper image archive that you can unzip onto your own machine no matter the brand or version.

To get this week started here are the images included in today’s theme.

Beach in HDR

DSC_3680And2more_tonemapped DSC_3682And2more_tonemapped
DSC_3408And2more_tonemapped DSC_3482And2more_tonemapped
DSC_3444And2more_tonemapped DSC_3418And2more_tonemapped
DSC_3433And2more_tonemapped DSC_3441And2more_tonemapped

Download Beach in HDR Windows 8 DeskThemepack

Download Beach in HDR Wallpaper Pack