Rename SkyDrive folder to OneDrive after Windows 8.1 Update Installation

This coming Patch Tuesday, 08 April 2014, Microsoft will deliver their latest tweak to Windows 8.1 for all users.

Among the changes it will make to Windows 8.1 you will find that all references to SkyDrive will be changed to OneDrive. You may recall that Microsoft had to rename SkyDrive to OneDrive after their trademark dispute with a UK based company over the SkyDrive name.

However, there is one spot in Windows 8.1 that does not get relabeled to OneDrive – the folder on your hard drive holding your user profile directory – it actually retains the name SkyDrive.

Well if you are like me then the overwhelming desire to align everything properly is strong and this mislabeling just can not be left alone.

Don’t get me wrong OneDrive will function just fine with out renaming this directory but, if you like the idea of your OneDrive directory being named OneDrive, then these steps will let you do that very easily.

Here is how you rename that directory to OneDrive:

From your desktop open up This PC and then Right Click on the OneDrive folder in the left hand pane and select Properties from the context menu.


That will bring up the OneDrive directory properties dialog.


Click on the Location tab.


Now click on the Restore Default button and that will change the text displayed to C:\Users\YourUserName\OneDrive instead of C:\Users\YourUsername\SkyDrive.

Next click the OK button and confirm that you want to move the files to the new directory. Once all the files are moved your OneDrive files will now be in a directory under your user directory named OneDrive.


You will likely still have a directory in your user directory named SkyDrive which will be empty.  Just right click on that and choose Delete to remove it.

Go ahead and close out all the dialog boxes.

At this point OneDrive will now sync everything with the new directory naming structure and you will be ready to go.

Now doesn’t that feel better to have everything properly labeled and named?

10 thoughts on “Rename SkyDrive folder to OneDrive after Windows 8.1 Update Installation

  1. Thanks! — I was getting confused with the reference to “SkyDrive” in my Recent Documents list, thinking I was editing old-versions of the docs for a second…

  2. Hi Richard, I think the impact of this action is (positively) bigger than you say. After Patch Tuesday, 08 April 2014 I experienced 2 problems:
    1. though my Sky/OneDrive settings for file-appoach are “Offline available” I can only open my files in the OneDrive-folder als “Read only”.
    2. When I opened files in the OneDrive-folder the sub-folder of this file was marked Offline not available.
    problem 1. remains – looking for answer though the Dutch MS Community of OneDrive.
    problem 2. closed. Thanks.

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