Wow – another year has passed and we have now entered into 2014.


This August will mark the 19th year this website has been around in some form or another. It has grown a lot from that first page full of links centered down the page at GeoCities and I continue to get a great deal of enjoyment in serving up the content to everyone.

In 2013 we exceeded the previous years traffic and visitors which was my goal. I appreciate everyone who stops in to read our content and listen to the Observed Tech PODCAST.

Here is a look back on 2013 for

Visitor and Bandwidth

  • Total Unique Visitors – 430K
  • Total Visitors – 1.3 million
  • Total Pages – 5.8 million
  • Total Hits – 9.9 million
  • Total Bandwidth – 2000GB

Top 3 Operating Systems Used by Visitors

  • Windows (68.5%)
  • Mac (7.3%)
  • Linux (2.8%)

Top 3 Web Browsers Used by Visitors

  • Internet Explorer (39.3%)
  • Google Chrome (13.4%)
  • Firefox (11.7%)

Top 3 Referrers (Search Engines)

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo!

Top 3 Countries of Visitors

  • United States
  • Germany
  • Great Britain

Top 3 Posts

Top 3 Observed Tech PODCAST Episodes

  • Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 86 (11 April 2013)
    • In today’s show we discuss XP’s final year of official support and what that means along with firmware updates for Surface, Microsoft Accounts getting two-factor authentication, Windows Store stats on the App Annie Blog, what Microsoft Blue really is about, Microsoft sells off their IPTV Mediaroom and Roku selling over 5 million devices.
  • Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 80 (14 February 2013)
    • Amongst those stories we mention tips for up and coming app developers, comparing storage space between a 128GB Surface Pro and 128GB MacBook Air and the latest big name app to arrive on Windows Phone – Spotify.  There is also word of some significant issues discovered this week with the new iOS 6.12 update that was released to Apple users and a couple of very popular Reddit Ask Me Anything with SpaceX and Bill Gates.
  • Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 84 (21 March 2013)
    • Google Reader is still shutting down and I will share with you how I have already left it behind to continue putting out tech links to all of you.  We wish Twitter a Happy 7th Birthday, talk about the latest airline to announce in-flight WiFi services and share some practical tips for all of you using WordPress as the engine behind your website.

Top 3 Windows Theme Downloads

Top 3 Non-Theme Downloads

Once again – thanks for visiting the site and being engaged as part of the community.

Let’s rock 2014!