For the last four years we have had an annual tradition of attending the New Year’s Eve fireworks at the St. Augustine Beach Pier.  The fireworks are part of the annual St. Augustine Beach Blast Off event and the fireworks get better every year.

It has also been a tradition of mine to produce a Windows theme and set of wallpapers from the fireworks show and here is this year’s edition of that theme. You can check out the Beach Blast Off 2012 Fireworks theme from last year if you want a second one on your system.

There are two versions of the theme this year, one for Windows 8/8.1 and the other is a zipped file containing all 61 images.

This year’s Beach Blast 2013 Fireworks theme is now our biggest ever with 60 images. Last years 2012 version was the previous holder of that title at 40 images.

I hope you enjoy the images and find the fascinating abstractness in them as I do. Personally, I see a lot of palm trees but then we are in Florida.

Beach Blast Off 2013 2013 Fireworks Theme

DSC_7408 DSC_7413 DSC_7417 DSC_7419
DSC_7420 DSC_7427 DSC_7428 DSC_7437
DSC_7439 DSC_7444 DSC_7446 DSC_7456
DSC_7457 DSC_7459 DSC_7463 DSC_7464
DSC_7466 DSC_7470 DSC_7476 DSC_7478
DSC_7479 DSC_7497 DSC_7499 DSC_7503
DSC_7505 DSC_7506 DSC_7507 DSC_7508
DSC_7512 DSC_7515 DSC_7517 DSC_7519
DSC_7520 DSC_7521 DSC_7522 DSC_7523
DSC_7539 DSC_7540 DSC_7542 DSC_7543
DSC_7544 DSC_7550 DSC_7553 DSC_7555
DSC_7560 DSC_7561 DSC_7563 DSC_7564
DSC_7606 DSC_7609 DSC_7613 DSC_7620
DSC_7621 DSC_7628 DSC_7631 DSC_7637
DSC_7642 DSC_7526 DSC_7527 DSC_7528

Download Beach Blast Off 2013 Theme (Windows 8/8.1)

Download Beach Blast Off 2013 Theme (Wallpapers)