Update: As of Sunday morning this offer is over and the app is priced back at $1.99, which in my opinion, is a great deal for such a useful app.  The developer does offer an ad-free trial of the app which allows unlimited use.


A couple of weeks ago I told you about our favorite RSS and Feedly Cloud Reader app Nextgen Reader being free in the Windows Store.

In that same story we knew the app was going to be featured in the Windows Phone store and available for free but we were unsure of the day.

Well that day has arrived.

You can grab Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone at no cost over at the Windows Phone Store.


I believe this free offer only runs for one day so grab it now even if you are not using it yet. Once you grab it for free it will always be free under your Microsoft Account including the installs on up to a total of five devices under that same account.