A couple of days ago I made five suggestions for your new Windows 8/8.1 devices that many folks received as gifts this year.

As a follow up to that post I wanted to share with you some Windows 8.1 resources to continue your familiarization with the updated OS.

Windows 8.1 Product Guide – this 10MB download is in PDF format and contains 49 pages of info which covers all aspects of the OS.

Screenshot (285)

Windows 8.1 Screenshots – Check out over 340 shots of Windows 8.1 including built-in apps and explanations of what the screenshot is showing you.

Windows 8.1 FAQ – When you are diving into a new OS, or possibly thinking about the upgrade, there are questions to be asked and answered. This extensive FAQ from Microsoft will help in answering those questions.

Of course if you have questions that are not answered in the resources listed just send them my way on the Contact Us page or via Twitter @WinObs.