The development of Tweetium for Windows continues forward as Brandon Paddock, the apps developer, keeps fixing bugs and adding features.

The latest update, version 1.2, brings the highly requested feature of a Live Tile that will show new mentions and Direct Messages.

Other features and fixes in this update include:

  • Added retweet information expanded tweet view, and made retweeter name clickable in main view
  • Added option to enable invoking links with touch taps in main view
  • Added support for profile cover images
  • Added Twitpic embedding
  • Fixed image links for DM images
  • Add To List button now also appears for users you don’t follow
  • Embedded Instagram images should load more smoothly in the main view (presized correctly)
  • Updated large tile logo to match wide tile style
  • Improved logic for notifying whether the DM tab is updated
  • Improved calculation of tweet length when composing tweets with certain URLs
  • Fixed Add To List menu for users with more than 5 lists
  • Fixed crash when certain characters (i.e. colons) were typed into the search box.
  • Possible fix for a very rare crash reported by two users when replying

I continue to be impressed by the fact that Brandon will track down and fix bugs that only impact a couple of users. It is obvious that he is very concerned with every users experience with Tweetium.

You can check out Tweetium for Windows in the Windows Store.