This morning an update popped up in the Windows Store for the official Facebook app that appears to add several new features and enhancements.

This update comes on the heels of the official Windows Phone Facebook app being updated to improve its functionality and responsiveness.

I must admit it is nice to see an official app on the Windows platforms getting much needed improvements.

Here is what the update adds according to the release notes:

  • 320 snap view for the whole app
  • Smileys sticker pack
  • Profile pic sync
  • New Stories indicator
  • Create albums from photos page
  • Add photos directly into an album
  • Search thread names when choosing conversation members
  • Refresh in Nearby
  • Improved toast notifications to remove already seen messages, old stories, etc.
  • Edit Posts
  • Edit post privacy
  • Edit Comments
  • Copy link to post
  • Add/Remove people from groups
  • Add friends to lists
  • Delete photos

See more about the official Facebook App for Windows in the Windows Store.