The launch of Microsoft’s next generation gaming and entertainment console is getting closer to its 22 November date and more things are happening around Microsoft as that date gets closer.

One of those steps is adding the Xbox One to the support pages at


For right now when you click on the Xbox One link on you are taking to which is a massive hero page about the new console.


Here you will not find many support items, probably because the console is not in public hands yet, but you will find introductions to several elements of Xbox One’s features list.

  • Gaming
  • Multiplayer
  • Entertainment
  • Innovation
  • Get the Facts
  • Retailers

There are also links to some of the Xbox One ads that we have seen running on TV over the last couple of weeks and of course the hero shots of the Xbox One hardware itself.

All of this info is a pretty good thing to peruse and catch up on as you anxiously await the arrival of your new Xbox One console in 8 days.