So did you survive the week full of tech announcements and the resulting flood of stories, reviews and opinions? Yeah – me too!

As we enjoy this last weekend in October lets take a deep breath and enjoy some downtime because I think we have a fairly quiet week ahead of us.

You’re invited! Xbox One launches Nov. 22, ad campaign begins now (The Official Microsoft Blog) – This add is simply amazing and personally gave me goose bumps when I watched it. It is a very well executed commercial that shows that you are the focus of the activities on your Xbox whether you are gaming or using the entertainment options. Can this agency do a Surface commercial as well?

Nokia World: blogger reactions (Nokia Conversations) – Nokia announced a slew of things this past Tuesday from Nokia World in Abu Dhabi including three new pieces of hardware (Nokia Lumia 1320 phone, 1520 phone and the 2520 tablet) and some cool app announcements (Instagram, Vine and Flipboard. Of course the event was well attended by the tech press and others so Nokia has pulled together reactions and videos from across social media to highlight how folks responded to the announcements.

Short Takes: October 25, 2013 (Microsoft Earnings Special Edition – Windows Supersite) – Paul Thurrott summarizes Microsoft’s first quarter financial results in his weekly newsletter and highlights the key points.  For me one of the most impressive numbers from yesterday was not a dollar figure but a subscription number. Office 365 Home Premium subscriptions now exceed 2 million with 1 million of them being added in the last 5 months. I seem to recall a lot of predictions last year when Microsoft announced this new model and how lots of pundits predicted complete and utter failure.

One last thing for this wrap up and that is to let you know that I have begun a weekly newsletter of my own for called Keeping an Eye on Tech. You can see the first edition, which went out earlier today, and subscribe from links in the newsletter itself. I hope you will join me for tips, news and other info each week.

Have an awesome weekend everyone.