Yesterday Microsoft published a document on their download center that details how the upcoming Xbox One console will use networking for peer to peer connectivity.

The four page document indicates that the next generation gaming and entertainment console from Microsoft will utilize IPv6, Teredo and IPSec Internet standards.

It then goes into some detail with links to several RFC documents for the various technologies the platform will use and gives those network operators who will be handling Xbox One data traffic some tips on how to optimize that experience.

According to the paper Microsoft will allow Xbox One users to opt in so that Microsoft can collect telemetry from the console on networking performance:

If authorized by the end-user, Microsoft® collects telemetry on the performance and reliability of P2P networking on Xbox One. This information will be used to engage with network operators if geographically specific issues are found. Xbox One includes a network troubleshooter, which can inform the user if their network is not compliant with the above requirements.