All weekend long I have been trying to figure out why I was always being re-directed to the mobile version of Facebook on my Surface RT.

In fact, it was driving me bonkers because I had not changed a thing on my end.  Every time I typed in it just continued to take me back to

Screenshot (225)

So I did some quick research and found out that there was a touch enhanced version of Facebook’s website so I tried it out at

Screenshot (224)

At the bottom of the sidebar user menu on the left I could click a link to the Desktop Site.


Clicking that did in fact take me to the desktop version of Facebook in the browser however, once I closed the browser windows and then attempted to access again it re-directed to the mobile site.

So it was with great pleasure that I saw a tweet from fellow MVP Barb Bowman (@barbbowman) a short while ago pointing to a post on her Digital Mediaphile website on how to address this.

It fixes the re-direct issue to the mobile site but you are left with an ugly yellow warning bar across the top of your browser however, it disappears from view as you scroll down the page.


Hopefully updating to Windows 8.1 and the RTM version of Internet Explorer 11 next week will fix this permanently.

Thanks for the tip Barb!