The folks at Next Matters, the developers behind Nextgen Reader, have announced that they are about ready to start the beta of their Nextgen Reader with Feedly support for those users on Windows Phone 7.

Recently the company published new versions of their Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 with full Feedly support and as promised they are now ready to bring their Windows Phone 7 users into the fold.

Feedly is the service that Next Matters is replacing Google Reader with in their suite of apps and they are a key app partner with Feedly as part of their Project Normandy which gave them early access to the new Feedly API.

They announced beta sign-ups earlier today on their Facebook page at and you can access the sign-up page directly here.

I must say that an effort like this just reinforces my support for this group of developers because there are many who have left Windows Phone 7 users behind with the release of Windows Phone 8. However, it is quite obvious that has never been Next Matters plan.

Enjoy the Nextgen Reader beta WP7 users!