Welcome to a new week and a quick look at three stories from this past weekend that caught our eye.

Xbox Music redesign revealed alongside new Windows 8.1 apps – We are just nine days away from the expected release of the public preview of Windows 8.1, aka Windows Blue, and more details are hitting the Internet with each successive test build that is released. This story focuses on the apparent redesign of Xbox Music, which is anticipated by many, and also includes screenshots of the updated Windows Store and the built in apps.

A Peek into the Development of 6Sec the unofficial Windows Phone Vine App by Rudy Huyn – info like this can give you an entirely new appreciation for the efforts it takes to get a Windows Phone app working and tested.  The additional twist is that the app, 6Sec, is for a very popular service called Vine from Twitter and it gets even more attention because so many people on Windows Phone wants to be able to use the service.  Since I posted this last night the developer has already published two updates overnight to implement Live Tiles.

Major Nelson takes Xbox One questions, says banned users will ‘absolutely not’ lose games – As if there is not enough churn around the upcoming Xbox One next generation console from Microsoft this story popped up over the weekend. It all started with a tweet from @XboxSupport and quickly blossomed from there. I would hope more clarity will come out this week on this issue.

Have a great week whether your developing, consuming or testing!