One of the sites that I read on a daily basis to get my fill of space geekness is the Astronomy Picture of the Day site otherwise known as APOD.

It was 18 years ago Sunday that APOD published its first picture which garnered 14 page views however, APOD estimates they have now served over one billion views of space related images since then.

Today APOD is translated into 22 languages daily and has published some iconic photos that fire up the imagination.

That first APOD image on 16 June 1995 showed Earth as it might appear if it had the high density composition of a neutron star.

Since then thousands of images have been published to show space from our view on the Earth and beyond. Each of these pictures bring not only the beauty and reality of space to us but they also teach us about the cosmos in a straight forward and effective way.

Happy Birthday APOD and here is to wishing you many more great years of sharing the wonders of our universe.