No matter what type of platform someone develops for it takes a lot of effort and time to do it. Many times those of us on the other end of an app are simply not aware of the commitment it takes to produce a quality app.

Over the course of the last several days I have been watching the amazing development cycle of an unofficial app to give Windows Phone users access to Twitter’s Vine service.

The developer, Rudy Huyn (@RudyHuyn on Twitter), has been going at it and pushing out version after version since he started building 6Sec.

He just shared an update to wrap the weekend up and has graciously allowed me to share some of those stats here with you all just to show the time and effort that goes into something like this.


  • 600 Vine videos uploaded since that feature was added earlier today
  • 68 hours of development time so far
  • Number of beta versions released – 11
  • Number of beta testers – 900

He also added that another key number is the number of developers – ONE – himself.

I have watched him interact with folks on Twitter about the app listening to feedback and providing updates all the while coding away.

In the near future the 6Sec app will see these features added:

  • Live Tile – will be up and ready tonight
  • A protocol extension added tomorrow
  • Adding a Lense feature
  • Updated user interface

6Sec is currently in a private beta but Rudy has been very good about adding more Windows Phone users to the mix. Just be patient with him to get you added if you ask as he is not only doing this app development but also his regular day job in between!

Here are some screenshots of the current version of 6Sec (Version 2.1.1)

wp_ss_20130616_0001 wp_ss_20130616_0003
wp_ss_20130616_0008 wp_ss_20130616_0007
wp_ss_20130616_0002 wp_ss_20130616_0009