In this day of multiple platforms I think many people would like to have their favorite phone style app available on their larger systems and vice versa.

Well the developers of the number one rated YouTube app on the Windows Phone platform, Lazyworm Applications Ltd, has brought their popular app to Windows 8 and this is not just a quick port over either. They are taking full advantage of the tools available to developers in the Windows 8 OS to enhance its functionality.


According to Atta Elayyan, Lazyworm’s Co-Founder, this app fills a gap created by Google when they decided not to provide similar functionality in a Windows 8 App.

“Metrotube’s popularity on Windows Phone was essentially the catalyst for quitting our day jobs and focusing on our start-up. We’re really excited to see if we can replicate the success we’ve seen on Windows Phone and further establish our reputation for delivering great apps.  The app is currently in ‘public beta’ so we encourage people to reach out, give us their feedback and help us further refine the experience. Metrotube for Windows 8 enables customers to browse YouTube on any Windows 8 device and is optimized for all the various Windows 8 use cases.  The app is highly functional however doesn’t replicate the entire feature set found on the Windows Phone version. Playlist support, pre-loading of video content and secondary pinning are among some of the features currently being worked on for future updates.

Just to give you an idea of how popular Metrotube in the Windows Phone Store is it has been reviewed over 8,550 times and carries a 5 Star average for its overall rating.

I suspect it will have similar success in the Windows 8 Store as well.