Who said you need a special app to access the new Twitter Music service anyway?  Although the new iOS app for the social media giants music service got some big airtime this morning on Good Morning America it also debut for everyone on the web and is available immediately.

Just visit music.twitter.com and you will see the screen populate with popular artists on Twitter and their music.


When you click on a artists song a small player pops up in the lower left corner of your browser


When you are not signed in to the service it shows a link to iTunes by default and you only hear a 30 second preview of each song.


If you use the second silver button you will get a composition window to send a tweet and the link to the song will come from the iTunes Store.  You must sign into either rdio or Spotify in order to listen to the full tracks.  Plus when you tweet about what you are listening to after signing in the link to the song will go to that music service instead of iTunes.

twittermusicsignintotweet twittermusicselectyourmusicservice

Once you are connected to your music service of choice the player no longer has the iTunes link to the track.


Music can be organized on screen by one of five categories which are accessible from the drop down menu in the upper left hand side of your browser.


I apparently do not follow any artists on Twitter.


No doubt this is a very interesting looking service but also another revenue and data stream for the folks at Twitter HQ.